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Journal Article: Rehabilitation Therapy for Elbow Disorder in Dogs

journal articles Jun 07, 2023

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Published February 2009 with Sherman Canapp DVM, MS, CCRT, Diplomat ACVS, David Acciani PT, Don Hulse DVM, Diplomat ACVS, Kurt Schultz DVM, MS Diplomat ACVS, Debra Canapp DVM, CCRT, CVA

Introduction: Rehabilitation after elbow injury or elbow surgery follows a sequential and progressive multi-phased approach with the ultimate goal being to return the dog to its previous functional level as quickly and safely as possible. Several key principles must be addressed when rehabilitating the elbow:

(1) the effects of immobilization must be minimized,

(2) healing tissue must not be overstressed,

(3) the dog must fulfill certain criteria throughout the phases of rehabilitation,

(4) the program must be based on current scientific and clinical research,

(5) the process must be adaptable to each dog and their specific goals, and

(6) the rehabilitation program must be a team effort between the surgeon, rehabilitation therapists, owner, and dog. 



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