Brace Fitting - an Alternative to Surgery

Braced Dogs Play Sooner

Braces are alternative to CCL knee surgery, and provide the needed stability so your dog can return to activity sooner.

We have used braces to treat CCL tears, achilles ruptures, carpal hyperextension, neurological / lumbar spine issues, and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).

Braces are less expensive and avoid the effects of surgery.

David & Ria Acciani are experienced in fitting Hero Braces

Step 1:  Custom Fitting:  After an initial screen of your dog's knee and current function, we make a custom fiberglass cast of the knee.  The hardened cast then is carefully removed and sent to Hero Braces, where they create a custom brace for your dog. 

Step 2:  Initial Brace Fitting:  Two weeks after the Custom Fitting, we meet for a consult to fit the brace to the dog and teach the owner how to use it.

Step 3:  Follow up Consult:  Two to three weeks later we meet for a re-evaluation to be sure the brace is working as intended, and provide recommended exercise program.


Custom Fitting - Photos from the process of creating a Custom Fitting fiberglass cast, and carefully removing it to send to Hero Braces.

Initial Brace Fitting to confirm proper fit and operation.

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