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For Effective Canine Physical Therapy -
Experience Matters

Experience Matters

David & Ria are Trained, Certified and Experienced Physical Therapists.

They were the first Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners in New Jersey

They served as the Official PT's for the World Teams from 2011 to 2017, selected by the World Team members

David & Ria bring that World Team experience to the treatment of your sporting canine

  • David & Ria Acciani, MPT, CCRP have owned and operated Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Center for over 18 years
  • They were the First Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners in NJ
  • They served as the Official PT’s for Agility AKC, WAO, IFCS & EO World Teams, 2010-2017
  • They have been Lecturing & Teaching Professionals since 2010
  • They are APTA ARSIG Board Members 2017-Present
  • They Teach National Seminars to Sporting Canines on Safely Conditioning and Stretching the Canine Athlete

Official Physical Therapists for Agility AKC, WAO, IFCS & EO World Teams
(2010 to 2017)

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is well established in the human world and is often prescribed for neurological injuries, fractures, sprains and strains, wounds, and arthritis. Like humans, pets require high-tech surgery, hospitalization and therapy to recover from their injuries. Too often, they don’t receive the proper therapy needed to permit a full recovery.

Ease Your Dog's Pain

Build Strength & Function

Speed Up Recovery

Ways that We Can Help Your Dog
Get Back On Track


Injury Rehabilitation

We begin with a rehabilitation evaluation to learn about your pet and their injury. We will then work with you to create a customized rehab plan that may include: Therapeutic Exercises, Balance Therapy,Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Cold Laser Therapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Boarding and more.

Our newly added underwater treadmill is also used for rehabilitation, fitness training and weight control in a low impact environment.

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Performance / Sporting Evaluations & Rehab

Sporting athletes that participate in activities such as agility and flyball, undergo extreme stresses on their muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. This makes them much more susceptible to injury. We provide these athletes with individualized treatment and exercise programs required to maximize and maintain a high level of performance. We treat many canine athletes that compete on a local and national level, as well as those that participate on the World Agility Team for the United States.

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Products & Supplements

We carry some of our favorite products and supplements to help your dog get back on track and then maintain health as they get back to play or work. This can include a full array of supplements, specialty beds, carts, harnesses, slings, and vests or even custom made splints, wraps and boots for the pet that needs a little extra assistance during recovery. 

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Experienced Brace Fitting

Custom Fitted Braces as an alternative to CCL Knee Surgery.

Stabilizing the knee joint to speed up recovery and healing.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Thank you for a truly wonderful and educative seminar! I LEARNED so much! Although I’ve been doing exercises with Boss, I learned I wasn’t doing the correct ones to target the muscles that he needs conditioned. My “program” was not balanced, I wasn’t doing appropriate progressions and I was in a rut! Your material enabled me to develop a plan for Boss. Thank you!

Lillian Russel & Boss

At seven years old agility is still Whimzy’s favorite form of exercise. Unfortunately, just doing agility doesn’t cut it for a high performance athlete! Ria Acciani helped us create a fitness plan to keep Whimzy healthy. The plan focused on Whimzy’s weaknesses with fun exercises for her and information for me on how to build up her muscles. We are four months into working with Ria — Whimzy’s stronger than ever and I am happier knowing that I’m taking the best care of my teammate.

Kathleen Oswald


There’s not enough thank you’s for all your help and guidance to get Saoirse ready for Westminster. It was a race to the finish, but we made it and she won BOS! This couldn’t have happened without your help. Many thanks from Saoirse!!

Kathleen Hickey and Saoirse ECH CH Classic Little Darling CGC

Ria and David have been working on my 3 border collies for the last 10+ years. They have been an integral part in my dogs’ recoveries from multiple injuries including a chronic iliopsoas strain, medial shoulder syndrome, and multiple sprained wrists. Most recently, their use of shockwave therapy has made huge improvements in my 10 year old border collie with arthritis in her back. David and Ria’s background in physical therapy and years of experience with dogs has made them well versed in canine anatomy, incredible at lameness assessment, and their manual therapy techniques set them apart from others in their field.

Lauren Blackson

I have had the amazing opportunity over the past 13 years to have 4 of my dogs receive the very best care in the hands of Ria and David Acciani of Advanced Canine Rehabilitation. All of my dogs have been engaged in and continue to be involved in a variety of dog sports that require my canine partner to be in top shape to avoid injury. Effective early evaluation of potential physical issues, treatment of any limitations and guidance in home exercises is just part of what they do. They incorporate the latest treatment modalities available and share what they know.

Kim Secter

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