Are you over or under conditioning your dog coming out of COVID hibernation????

Are you going to be ready when full competition starts again??

Get started with your own Level 1 ACR Conditioning Worksheet™ to keep on schedule with your dog's conditioning for whatever level your dog is currently at.

Level 1:  This is for your dog if the first time you are exercising with your dog, or have been off of your regular exercise program for more than 4 weeks.

In the Conditioning for the Sporting Canine online program we go deeper and cover these next levels.

Level 2:  This is for dogs who have been doing Level 1 for 2 to 3 weeks, or have been doing a formal strengthening program for more than 4 weeks.

Level 3:  This is is for dogs who have been doing Level 2 for more than 3 weeks, or have been following a formal strengthening program from your local professional for more than 4 weeks.

BONUS:  Watch the 20-minute video Iliopsoas muscle Warm Up, Strengthening, and Stretching Essentials 

Click Here to get your own Level 1 ACR Conditioning Worksheet™ and watch the Iliopsoas Video